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Long time no see! Well, I am back with some exciting news for the Asanator Fandom! The Space Between Us, where Asa plays a character Gardner Elliot, comes out on Digital HD on Tuesday, May 2nd!! Not only that, the DVD & Blu-Ray copy comes out on Tuesday, May 16th! So with that being said, get your money ready we're almost there!!!!

NEW FILM Departures!

Hello, I am back finally!! Sorry for the delay My few readers, but high school is H.A.R.D. Anyway, I come to you with some exciting news. Asa Butterfield is shooting his new upcoming film Departures in Kingston, New York now! He'll be working alongside Maisie Williams and Peyton List. Hopefully soon I'll give you some details on the movie itself. Also, new pictures have been released on the internet! (I'll put the link below for the pictures.) Well this has been me, Nadi, til next time!Comment what you think about this entry! Also tell me if I am missing some important/urgent BUTTERFIELD BUZZ!Link to pictures:

Welcome to The Butterfield BUZZ!

The name is Nadi Winchester. You may know me as "Nadi Bopp Butterfield" and you might be following on my Twitter or Instagram! But this is my new blog, I'll post the lastest Asa Butterfield news to keep y'all up to date in Asa's career! Enjoy!If you want to follow me on my Instagram or Twitter here are the links below!- Instagram: Twitter: